Skincare Facts and Myths

1.  Wearing makeup to bed does not affect your skin.

Myth:  During sleep, our skin goes through a renewal process- in fact; skin regenerates three times faster at night than during the day.   During this process our bodies eliminate toxins through our pores.  If you do not remove your makeup at night the regeneration process can be hindered and your pores may be too clogged to allow this natural detoxification to take place.

Leaving your makeup on once in a while shouldn’t do too much damage, just don’t make a habit out of it.

2.  You always need to wash your face in the morning even if you need to wash it the night before?

 Fact:  As explained in (1), overnight your skin cells are going through the renewal process, kicking off toxins – metabolic products that you need to wash off in the morning. It is best to wash your face in the mornings with a gentle cleanser.

3.  You can disregard your skin type when choosing a cleanser.

Myth:  If you have oilier skin, and use a dry cleanser it will not remove all the oil.  If you have dryer skin and  use a cleanser for oily skin you may experience redness and irritation, in addition to added dryness.  Always use a face cleanser for your skin type.

4.  It is okay to use a deodorant bar on your face.

 Myth:  Even though deodorant bars are innocuous, they can cause irritation when used on the face.

5.  It is best to clean your face with a washcloth.

 Myth:  A washcloth can be abrasive and spread bacteria.  Bacteria loves those warm wet wash clothes that always hang in our bathrooms and you can actually be washing bacteria into your face.  The best thing to wash your face with is your clean hands.

 6.  Hot showers cause wrinkles.

 Fact:  Sad but true…hot showers dry your skin which can lead to wrinkles.  It is best to use lukewarm water.

7.  You shouldn’t leave makeup on while you exercise.

 Fact:  Sweat causes pores to open and when mixed with makeup,  attracts bacteria.  It is okay to use lip-gloss and waterproof mascara if feel you must.

(Sources include Plantogen Skincare.)