Neon MuseYou will be seeing it everywhere this summer:  bright pops of color on the eyes, cheeks and lips.  We are talking bold, beautiful and often neon – fun shades that are fun to wear.  You can create and entire look with them or incorporate them with more subtle shades enhancing your own unique style.

Mirabella’s new collection, Neon Muse, is the perfect collection to have fun with.  Healthy for your skin and gorgeous, you can wear it on it’s  own or incorporate into your look.  In stock now, at both Del Monte Hair System locations, take a look at these gorgeous colors.


mirabella-pigment-powdersPIGMENT POWDERS
Neon Muse Face Pigments are available in two shades, I Believe in Pink and Tale Tangerine.  The innovative loose powder formula contains conditioning ingredients to soften skin.  Both highly-pigmented hues can be used all over the face, with either a wet application for bright color with a sharper finish, or a dry application for a more pearlescent look.

mirabella-mascara onlyMASCARA
Neon Muse Mascara features a double want with electric blue mascara on one end and green on the other.  These vibrant, shine hues can be worn alone or layered over a classic black base for a touch of pigment.  The formula allows for easy layering, with fade-resistant color.  Film-forming agents help to set lashes without drying or stiffness, while humectants provide moisture.  Because it is gel based, you can even use these beautiful vibrant colors as eyeliner to intensify the look.

Here are two great ways to wear the look: Neon_Muse_8.5x11_Face_ChartD[1]

Check out Amber Bowen’s video on one way to incorporate Neon Muse into your look.