Mirabella Luxe Lash Mascara

It is hard to believe but summer is almost over.  With fall right around the corner it is time to take stock of your makeup and toss some of that old icky stuff away.  Here are a few products you should toss before you splurge on fall makeup.

1. Mascara:  In general, mascara should be tossed every three months anyway, so the end of summer is the perfect time to toss it.  Pick up a fresh tube, like Mirabella’s Lash Luxe Mascara ($26).  This all-in-one mascara adds volume, length and curl to lashes without clumping. The richly black formula includes Widelash, clinically proven to strengthen lashes in just 15 days. Or try Mirabella Lash Essential Mascara ($25).  This gel mascara is easy to apply and easy to remove while making lashes look longer and fuller.  Mirabella Luxe Lash Mascara

2. Cream-Based Products. Cream based products like concealers and cream blush or shadows can “sweat” in the summer.  In addition you are constantly touching them creating a nice breeding ground for bacteria.  Toss them out and start new.

Mirabella Skin Tint Creme

3. Liquid Foundation. Liquid and cream foundation is only good for a maximum of six months.  It hot summer months, it too can become infested with bacteria in no time, especially if you apply with your fingers.  Try Mirabella Skin Tint Creme ($42).  This medium-coverage foundation leaves a luxurious feel and is good for all skin types.


4. Gel and Liquid Eyeliners:  These guys have no more than a six month shelf life anyway, but like other cream and liquid cosmetics, they are especially prone to bacteria during the summer months.  Toss it and start new with Mirabella Magic Marker Eyeliner ($25) or Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner ($21).  Mirabella’s Magic Marker makes it easy to master winged liner looks with a free-flowing application.  Cailyn Linefix Gel Eyeliner can be used to create a chic yet casual look or a dramatic cat eye.  It has a built-in brush that makes it perfect for taking on-the-go and glides on smoothly.  Smudge-able when first applying, but once dry is smudge-proof and waterproof for 24 hours. We love them both.

A general rule of thumb is if your cosmetic starts looking abnormal, smelling funny, or the texture changes, throw it out!