If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we send out regular hair and makeup tips to make your life more beautiful. Here’s a look at just a few:

Hair Tip1: Apply product to DAMP hair. You will use fewer products and bet better results. WET hair will dilute the product causing you to need more.

Hair Tip2: Want to cut down on your morning blow dry time? Try not using a round brush until your hair is 90% dry.

Hair Tip3: Want long locks? Eat foods with folic acid like asparagus, citrus, peas, lentils and turkey.

Hair Tip4: Curling irons are very damaging to your hair. Try using a 1″ flat iron instead & always use heat protecting spray.

Make up Tip1: Want your lipstick to last ALL day?? Apply. Blot until dry. Dust pressed powder over your lips. Apply 2nd coat. Blot again. Done!

Makeup Tip2: Having photo’s taken?? Stick to SPF 15. Higher levels of SPF reflect too much light, causing your face to become white in photos!

Makeup Tip3: Plan on shedding a few tears?? WaterPROOF mascara is damaging to your eye lashes. Try water RESISTANT instead!? We like Mirabella’s

Makeup Tip4: Bold, bright lips are all the rage this season. Keep your hot pink pout in place with help CLEAR lip liner.

Makeup Tip5: Using a yellow based concealer will brighten under your eyes and neutralize any dark purple/bluish tones! Instant eye lift.

Skincare Tip1: Did you know “dermatologist tested does not mean that your skincare was approved by a doctor? It simply means it was tested.

Skincare Tip2: Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers, and more) helps build skin elasticity and healthy skin tone.

Skincare Tip3: Winter’s skincare isn’t doing the trick for the new season. Your skin changes throughout the year, so consider switching!

Got a few of your own? Share your hair, skin and makeup tips.