Constant styling and shampooing can cause your hair to lose its original qualities. Keratin is at the forefront of maintaining strong nails and healthy hair. If you ever thought that you were never meant to have beautiful straight hair, then think again because Keratin Hair Straightening is a proven product with higher than expected results.

Designed in Brazil, Keratin Hair Straightening has led the way with its innovative technology and amazing results. It can be used to protect healthy hair from the damaging effects of wind, sun and other elements, or it can be used to help straighten curly, unruly hair. This specially formulated product contains natural keratin protein, which rebuilds, restores and rejuvenates all types of hair. Keratin is extracted from natural resources and then applied to the hair, where it actually adheres to the strand and smooths over split ends and strengthens weak points.

Del Monte Hair System and Day Spa makes sure that each client receives a full consultation to ensure that the service requested suits the needs and desires of each individual. If you are unsure about straightening your hair or whether or not the Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment is right for your type of hair, rest assure our experienced team will give you an unbiased opinion.