Mirabella Pro Day

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Monday, November 26 2012 SCHEDULE A MAKEOVER WITH A PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP ARTIST Discover an exciting new look for yourself with help from a professonally trained Mirabella Make-up Artist. Your one-on-one makeover appointment with our visiting artist, Cheri’, will enhance your natural beauty while answering all of your make-up questions.   Bring a friend and relax with […]

Skincare: Facts or Myths?

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Skincare Facts and Myths 1.  Wearing makeup to bed does not affect your skin. Myth:  During sleep, our skin goes through a renewal process- in fact; skin regenerates three times faster at night than during the day.   During this process our bodies eliminate toxins through our pores.  If you do not remove your makeup at […]

Hair, Skin and Makeup Tips from @DelMonteHair

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If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we send out regular hair and makeup tips to make your life more beautiful. Here’s a look at just a few: Hair Tip1: Apply product to DAMP hair. You will use fewer products and bet better results. WET hair will dilute the product causing you […]