Five Great Bridal Styles for this Bridal Season

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With Bridal season right around the corner, Mirabella Beauty has identified the five bridal styles that are most often requested.   We have all the makeup, tools  and talent to recreate one of these beautiful looks or we can customize a look for the bride that is uniquely her.  Daydreamer:  For the bride that envisions a very […]

Hair, Skin and Makeup Tips from @DelMonteHair

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If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we send out regular hair and makeup tips to make your life more beautiful. Here’s a look at just a few: Hair Tip1: Apply product to DAMP hair. You will use fewer products and bet better results. WET hair will dilute the product causing you […]

What Causes Baldness?

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Our hairstylists often get asked what can be done to stop or prevent baldness or if there is some product out there that will help regrow hair. US News Health recently published an article that takes a look at the 9 myths about baldness: Myth 1: Hair Loss is passed down from your mothers side. […]